It gave me back a happy healthy dog.

My Chihuahua „Dude“ suffered since a long time already having to much gas. As well he did not eat like he should and just lay unmotivated in his corner.  So I decide to use Healthy Dog Plus Probiotics for hime why I notice a big improvement with Healthy Horse Plus Probiotics on our horses. After the first […]

Powerful and cost effective solution

Dear Patricia. I wanted to send you a note about the success of your product HealthyHorse Plus with my thoroughbreds. Since I began the cycle I have noticed increased energy, better appetite, and their physical appearance is outstanding. Jude (Judith’s Symphony) is a retired thoroughbred racehorse (7 years old) and he showed immediate improvement and […]

Now he ist totally cured and can be ridden again.

My 16 year old gelding Apriori was a really zealous horse since he was one. He seriously hurt his bones and joints and he developed artthritis. He started to limp and I began to treat him with Healthy Horse Plus. Now he is totally cured and can now be ridden once again. His coat shines […]

His attitude is positiv and he loves to run again.

Aron, my 9 year old stallion, seemed tired, unmotivated and not in good condition. Now after getting his 25cc daily dose of  Healthy Horse Plus, his attitude is positive, he likes to run and seems alive again, plus his coat is shinny and looks great.  Thanks Healthy Horse Plus. Chantal Welz

This product is incredible

manzur polla y estreno

Hi Patricia: I use your product Healthy Horse Plus in my country Ecuador and my horse Manzur Manzur win the first and second Ecuadorian triple crown. I send you the photo for the first two triple crown. the last triple crown he run the 25th sept. they call El derby Nacional. This product is incredible. […]

I used it on myself


Healthy Horse Plus works so great on my horses that I used it on myself. After 10 days il noticed a huge difference on my skin and my energy level had improved. Jessica Campitelli, Thoroughbred trainer.

She’s much more spray and active..

Hi Patricia. Just wanted to let you know that I finished Healthy Horse Plus for my old mare today (28 yr’s). She’s much more spray and active than she’s been and actually came out ‘honking’ yesterday morning for 10 minutes: just full of herself!! I loughed my head off sie was so funny. Martin said she […]